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Technologies At Uptown Dental Centre

State Of The Art Technology


The V17 from the V-Series is a highly adaptable imaging system, designed to cater to a wide variety of clinical applications. While the V17 is commonly used by orthodontists, oral maxillofacial surgeons, and oral radiologists, it is suitable to view the entire oral-facial complex.

SleepImage is an innovative solution that offers a comprehensive approach to screening, diagnosing, and managing sleep health in both children and adults. It can measure sleep quality and duration, evaluate sleep disorders such as obstructive and central sleep apnea, and manage treatment efficacy and compliance for various sleep disorders. We offer take home sleep testing devices.

Sleep Image

LightScalpel CO2 Soft tissue Laser

The LightScalpel CO2 laser is a tool that generates a concentrated beam of light, which vaporizes and accurately seals blood vessels. It was designed using years of medical and oral surgery experience to offer excellent patient care.

The Picasso Soft Tissue Diode Laser is an advanced and user-friendly tool. Its operating tip consists of a single fiberoptic cable that can be easily threaded through a handle. The used portion of the cable, typically 3-5 mm, is cleaved and disposed of after each use, leaving a fresh tip for the next procedure. This laser doesn’t require any water or air connections and can be effortlessly moved between different treatment rooms.

Picasso Diode Soft tissue Laser

iTero Element Plus Intraoral Scanner

The iTero Element Plus Series offers advanced digital scanning technology for a seamless experience. It has features like Invisalign Outcome Simulator Pro and iTero NIRI Technology that capture 3D models, intraoral images, and detect cavities in a single scan. With faster scanning and better visualization, it provides a superior patient experience.

The T-Scan is a digital dental analysis system that provides accurate 2D and 3D representations of bite forces with timing information. It helps clinicians easily restore the balance of a patient’s bite, leading to improved patient communication and education, precise diagnosis, increased quality of care, decreased treatment time, and saved time and money. Additionally, the T-Scan reduces the risk of implant failures, fractured teeth, unstable dentures, ineffective splints, and porcelain fractures.

Tekscan Occlusal Analysis System

Bio-EMG III Muscle Function Analysis

Bio-EMG III is the sole method to objectively assess the movements and responses of the head and neck muscles, allowing you to evaluate treatments and bite positions before making a final decision. With the BioEMG III device, you can measure the electrical activity of eight muscles simultaneously, amplifying microvolt signals up to 5000 times their original levels, displaying them on a computer as original time domain waveforms and average levels that reveal contraction patterns and relative intensities.

The JT-3D™ is a tool that helps clinicians monitor the movement of the jaw in real-time during various activities such as chewing, speaking, and swallowing. The test is non-invasive and painless, involving the attachment of a small magnet to the mandibular incisors to track movements in three dimensions. The data gathered from jaw tracking can assist in creating optimal chewing patterns and identifying abnormal functions for more accurate diagnosis.

Bio JT-3D – Jaw Tracker System

J5 Dental TENS

The J5 Dental TENS unit is a battery-operated device that stimulates muscles for relaxation, circulation, and range of motion. It has four patient stimulation channels, allowing for simultaneous stimulation of four muscle sites, improving treatment efficacy and saving time. It is the latest addition to Myotronics’ clinically effective line of products used by dentists for over fifty years.

The SOPRO 717 First is a slim dental camera with excellent image quality, eight LED illumination, a Macro mode offering up to 115 times magnification, and SOPROTOUCH for successful image capture, which integrates with any dental chair, video screen, or computer for reliable diagnosis, communication, and documentation in any dental practice.

Acteon Sopro Intraoral Cameras

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