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Teeth Cleaning in Edmonton

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An important step to keeping your teeth and gums healthy is to regularly visit Uptown Dental Centre for checkups and ongoing care. By doing so, you can help prevent small issues from becoming more complex and costly.  Our dentists recommend a dental hygiene visit every six months to allow timely preventive cleaning and visual checks to take place.


Prevention Is The Key

Also known as prophylaxis, regular dental cleaning appointments with a dental hygienist result in healthier dental patients overall, and are an essential step to helping ensure long term oral health. During a typical appointment with one of our professional dental hygienists, you can expect to review your medical history and any changes in your health or new medications since your last visit.  Some health issues and/or medications can impact your oral health and treatment.  If you have any concerns regarding your teeth, mouth, or overall oral health be sure to let your hygienist know before you started.  A routine of regular six month cleanings is designed to prevent periodontal disease-not to treat it!  Prevention is the key to your oral health.

Routine Screening For Oral Cancer

Once you have discussed any changes or issues you may be concerned about, your dental hygienist will perform a visual oral check before moving on to the cleaning itself.  Depending on your health and risk factors, your hygienist may recommend a quick and painless oral cancer screening. The exam enables clinicians to detect oral cancers at their earliest stages when they would not necessarily be visible based upon a visual exam alone.

Clean, Polish, and Strengthen Your Teeth

A routine dental hygiene appointment will include a visual gum tissue check, followed by scaling of the teeth with specialized instruments for scraping hardened plaque and tartar from the tooth’s surface.  Hardened and hard to reach debris that is stuck between the teeth is removed during this process.  Once your hygienist has completed the cleaning process, your teeth will be polished and flossed and we may recommend a fluoride treatment.  Fluoride is a great way to strengthen and protect your teeth; it can be applied at any appointment. All dental services provided by a general dentist.

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